Grain Storage And Warehouse Tips For Breweries

Grain Storage And Warehouse Tips For Breweries

Pests are probably of little concern for the homebrewer this time of year, and in the arctic climate of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. However, the major breweries are on the offensive at all times to prevent invited guests from making homestead in the warehouse. Even the way we store malt and the like, is subject to scrutiny because of the way humidity in this climate, can ruin a batch of craft beer, even before brewing begins.

Muntons and BrewTube Podcast

Muntons Brewtube Interview.png

Brewtube was kind enough to feature Muntons on their podcast. The interview discusses the history and future of the Muntons brand. As a craft brewery supplier, they tend to take malt very serious.

That shows as the interview breaks into the perspective that Phil Bamford has about the industry. Muntons focuses on a very economical process. While home brewing ebbs and flows, the people at Muntons carry onward a dense tradition of malting.

They finish by discussing the impetus behind the Brewery in a Bag technology.