Meet the Brew In A Bag

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As Maltwerks launches our new Brew In a Bag technology, we recap the past of home brewing and set our sights on the future.

One might look back at the past and gather unique insight, others might stay seated on the couch and wave away the many hours spent, and hard work for a five gallon batch of beer that doesn’t even make it to your favorite glass.

Whatever the case, there’s been many innovations in the home brewing realm over the last three to four hundred years.

Brewing always seemed to rely heavily on the environment. Early Egyptians beer makers created beer that was reliant of local weather conditions. Likewise, coldship (or Koelschip) brewing, is a hundreds-year-old technique to cool wort in the brewing process.

Since Hansen and Pasteur had yet to discover yeast, cooling wort seemed to be a strange aspect of brewing. This is because wort, or unfermented beer, needs to cool down because dumping yeast, a living organism, into nearly two-hundred degree liquid doesn’t bode well for the yeast’s future). In those times, the fastest and most cost-effective way to cool the hot wort was for brewers to pump steaming liquid into large rectangular pans called coolships. The large, exposed surface area of the vessel cooled the beer (relatively) quickly. Improvements in cooling technology—like the Baudelot cooler, and after that mechanized refrigeration—caused pretty much every brewer to trade in their coolships for faster-cooling, more consistent methods.  

Today homebrewers face many choices when it comes to technology. We are happy to provide another option for those who might not want to gamble on the ways of old, and instead trust modern science for a chance to taste the fruits of their labor.

Maltwerks, in partnership with Muntons of the U.K., present the Brew In A Bag.

The Brew In A Bag allows for even the most novice of brewer to simply add water, a yeast packet, and wait (after some carefully shaking and few other minor details).

Just in time for the holidays, there’s no reason not to share this exceptionally easy-to-use brewing kit with your favorite beer enthusiast.

Check out our Brew In A Bag, right here.