Maltwerks on Lake Life WKND Podcast

If you’re continued interest in Maltwerks story has brought you to our blog then we are happy to share a podcast from this last week, wit founder Randy Peterson. On the Lake Like WKND podcast Randy discusses the origin of the company, and the verticals involved in starting a malting house in lake country, Minnesota.

The background of Maltwerks has a long and bright history with Randy, and this should give you a good idea of the kind of expertise it takes to start a craft malthouse.

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Lakes country has afforded us a unique perspective in this business and the podcast certainly showcases that. Randy also touches on the division of Maltwerks that focuses on Food and Feed. This is particularly of interest for some of the new brewing trends and feed groups that focus on cattle and ranching. Organic food has a strong place in the heart of the company too.

Through research and passion, the Maltwerks company was started when the desire for a great ingredient was realized.

Thanks again to Lake Life WKND for hosting us!