Maltwerks and mighty axe hops ANNOUNCE partnership

We’ve been waiting for this day all year, and it’s finally time to tell you some exciting news we have been working on behind the scenes:

We are pleased to announce Maltwerks and Mighty Axe Hops have come together to create your one stop Minnesota ingredient shop! We’re excited to be teamed up with another premier Minnesota ingredients brand that cares about our home industry as much as we do. It’s wonderful to be in cahoots with a company who shares the same values we do and upholds themselves to the highest-quality standards.

We’re bringing the best of MN terroir to brewers and drinkers across the country.

80 acres of hops + all new on-farm harvest, drying, and pelleting facility.

How will this change affect me?

I’m sure this is the #1 question a lot of you have and it affects every brewery/cidery/distillery differently. Here are some key things to know:

What does this partnership mean?

In short, this partnership gives our brewery/cidery/distillery partners more purchasing options. It means Maltwerks will be carrying Spot Hops for purchase from Mighty AxeHops. You can still order Spot Hops directly from Mighty Axe Hops as well. Contract Hops will still be handled at Mighty Axe Hops.

Will the pricing be different at all?

Don’t sweat. Spot hops pricing will be the same whether you order from Mighty AxeHops directly or from Maltwerks directly. This includes the monthly Spot Hops deals!

If you have a 2018 or 2019 Contract with Mighty Axe Hops or plan to have one:

Don’t sweat. You will still contact Kaleigh at to order hops from your contract and it will be handled from the Mighty Axe Hops warehouse in Foley. All contracting will still be handled by the Mighty Axe Hops farm directly.

If you don’t use Mighty Axe Hops and purchase from Maltwerks products:

Don’t sweat. Jen and Travis will take care of you at or They’ll probably be excited to tell you about Mighty Axe Hops in the future, though, and you can order spot hops from either of them with your Maltwerks ingredient order!

If you don’t use Maltwerks product and purchase spot hops from Mighty AxeHops:

Don’t sweat. You can still contact Kaleigh at to order hops from the spot sheet, and it will be delivered from the Mighty Axe Hops warehouse in Foley. She'll happily answer any of your Maltwerks questions. Kaleigh, Jen and Travis will be working very closely so you might see us together during a future visit!

If you use Maltwerks product and purchase spot hops from Mighty Axe Hops:

Don’t sweat. You now have a one-stop Minnesota Ingredient shop you can utilize to cut down on shipping costs. Hooray! Jen and Travis at or can add spot Mighty Axe Hops to your Maltwerks ingredient order.

If you have questions about the changes still:

Don’t sweat. You can holler at Jen at, or Kaleigh at