Today, the average brewer may not realize that there is an exceptionally large difference between the malt they use and what a craft distiller is searching for.

A distiller wants to make sure they are using the right malt for the spirit in production.

For the American whiskey or grain based vodka distiller that can’t or won’t use synthetic enzymes in their process, an American Distillers malt used at a small percentage of total grain bill is the best all natural solution. However, the “all” malt distiller, not wanting to purchase expensive EU distillers malt, can look to choose a good domestic 2row Pale or Pilsen brewers malt to be the backbone of their spirit.

The craft distiller wanting to produce an all malt whiskey like a Scotch or Irish – style, shares many of the needs of the brewer. Their malt is also the sole source of extract and provides the entire enzyme package for conversion of that extract. While not providing color, flavor certainly is important for the all malt distiller, so a good 2-row brewer’s malt is a great start for an all malt whiskey grain bill.