Detroit Lakes Malt House

The folks at Maltwerks are working tirelessly to create better malt and brewing supplies, as well as premium adjunct ingredients for the market. This means that brewing, food, and spice products are available in bulk from our various warehouses. Located in the Midwest, the malt house itself is focused on developing a quality, locally produced, traceable malt to craft brewers in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and as far as our reach can go.

A partnership with Maltwerks means brewers work side-by-side with their maltster to produce the exact malt they need. This creates a much larger palette of flavors to work with when fine-tuning ales in an increasingly competitive market.


As an emerging and diverse craft beer scene takes over across North America, a large array of ingredients is required.


Maltwerks is also a partner in globally sourced commodities.

Pairing additional grains, spices, and botanicals with customized, premium malt allows brewers to expand the diversity in their craft beer and differentiate from competition

Maltwerks is a project with an interest in pursuing diversity in the marketplace. Due to the various demands our company is able to provide for a variety of businesses in niches that require premium beverage ingredients:

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