CRAFT MALTING For Craft Brewers

We are a Midwest malt house focused on genuine relationships in offering quality, locally produced, traceable malt to craft brewers in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

A partnership with Maltwerks means brewers work side-by-side with their maltster to produce the exact malt they need. This creates a much larger palette of flavors to work with when fine-tuning ales in an increasingly competitive market.

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Maltwerks is also a partner in globally sourced commodities. Pairing additional grains, spices, and botanicals with customized, premium malt allows brewers to expand the diversity in their craft beer and differentiate from competition. Below is a list of just some of the premium ingredients we offer. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask and let Maltwerks be your partner in sourcing.

Quality Ingredients Makes Quality Beer

Large, corporate malt providers won’t give you the details of the exact cultivars of barley used to make their malt varieties, because there’s a good chance they simply don’t know.

Maltwerks maintains close relationships with local farmers, so brewers know exactly what barley was used and the characteristics they can expect on a molecular level. This means fewer surprises in brews, better consistency, and less product and investment going down the drain.

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Custom Malt Profiles

Create malts that meet your exact needs for the perfect brew. Know exactly who farmed your barley and where. Maltwerks is an icon symbolizing local sourcing in the craft brewing world. Maintain a direct line of contact with the maltster, so we may deliver the perfect product for your brewing needs.

Craft brewers are encouraged to get in touch so we can create malt profiles for the best brews you can imagine.